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Retail and Business Tenant Space Improvement

Owning or managing an office or retail complex can be very rewarding and frustrating. Most tenants will need to make changes to some portion of the building to accommodate their business needs. Those changes can be beneficial to both the owner and tenant or can prove to be a nightmare for the owner. As professional engineers, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate the structure and components of a building. Criterium- Kessler Engineers is able to put our engineering talents to use to inspect and evaluate your tenant improvements.

  • Do the proposed tenant improvements meet code?
  • Is the tenant maintaining all building components contracted in their lease?
  • How will the tenant’s proposed change to a load bearing wall impact the structural integrity of the building?

Our inspection and evaluation services will help owners and managers of retail complexes and office buildings maintain the integrity of their investment. Contact us and schedule a meeting so that we can help you ensure your Tenant’s Improvements don’t become your worst nightmare