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Meet Our Staff

Criterium-Kessler Engineers prides itself on a staff that partners with you to identify and solve your building challenges! 


Dan Kessler, President


(480) 218-1969

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Kelly Kessler, Vice President


(480) 218-1969

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Andrew Coffey, P.E., Senior Engineering Director


(480) 218-1969

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Charles S. Jones, Professional Engineer (P.E.)


(480) 218-1969

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Clark Maxwell, Engineering Field Technician


(480) 218-1969

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Criterium Engineers' national headquarters provides Construction Engineering Services.

National Office staff are listed below.

H. Alan Mooney, P.E., President, Criterium National

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Bill Parrilli, National Director of Client Services

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James Stump, P.E., Chief Engineer of Criterium Engineers

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Belinda Rosic, Engineering Field Technician


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