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Environmental Site Assessments

Criterium-Kessler's Phase I Environmental Site Assessments help identify potential or existing environmental contamination or liabilities. Under the ASTM 1527-05 standard, the identification of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) is required as part of any complete assessment. Criterium-Kessler's Environmental Professionals offer practical recommendations as to how to mitigate any identified RECs and can also provide insight into what potential liability, if any, might be associated with a REC.

Sometimes, the degree or even existence of contamination cannot be confirmed without a Phase II investigation. Criterium-Kessler Engineers can coordinate Phase II investigations, but does not perform them. We will not recommend unnecessary additional studies when the risk is deemed low.

Our engineers typically perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments concurrently with Property Condition Assessments since they are both important components of, and closely linked to, the real estate due diligence process.

If a Portfolio project requires a desktop review of existing reports, or analysis of current database findings, Criterium-Kessler Engineers can help. For today's risk adverse investors and owners, effective resolution of historic concerns can make or break a deal. We understand the business side of the equation and service our clients accordingly.