Breakfast On The Balcony?

Structural Integrity

Is Your Balcony Safe?

Have you ever noticed cracks, sagging or distortion on a balcony? Should you be concerned about safety or is this just normal wear and tear?

The picture to the left shows a crack that is the result of the balcony sagging due to inadequate construction. The sagging also caused the concrete floor to crack allowing water intrusion into the wood framing which rotted parts of the floor structure. The building maintenance staff had added temporary supports to prevent further sagging.


We were asked to evaluate the condition. As an emergency first step, we recommended reducing floor loads to absolute minimums through reduction of furniture, the number of people using the balcony at one time, and sealing cracks to prevent further water damage. A complete redesign and reconstruction was then recommended and completed.

If you see anything unusual in your balcony, it may be a structural problem. Don’t compromise your safety. Please give us a call. We will perform an inspection and let you know if further action is required.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and your clients in the future.